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Kansas Construction Law Handbook Second Edition

Publication Year: 2006   Publication Type: Book

Matthew E. Austin, Rudolf H. Beese, David M. Buffo, Christopher F. Burger, Michael E. Callahan, Ronald L. Campbell, Matthew R. Hale, Melissa Hasso, Joy D. Hays, Scott Hesse, Mark D. Hinderks, Wyatt A. Hoch, Harold A. Houck, Jeffrey A. Kennard, Hon. Larry Mcclain, David A. Meyers, Charles E. Millsap, Jess J. Myers, Robert D. Overman, Rod L. Richardson, Diane E. Sherwood, John D. Sherwood, Bryan W. Smith, Carol Z. Smith, Wesley F. Smith, Bruce B. Waugh

Table of Contents:

 Preface and Acknowledgement
 About The Authors
Chapter 1 Introduction To Construction Contracts
Chapter 2 Construction Defect Claims
Chapter 3 Change, Time and Termination
Chapter 4 Delay & Disruption
Chapter 5 Government Construction Requirements, Bidding
Chapter 6 Contracting and Litigating With the State of Kansas
Chapter 7 Public Bonds
Chapter 8 Prompt Payment Acts
Chapter 9 Design Professional Liability in Kansas
Chapter 10 Design Build Construction & Construction Management
Chapter 11 Construction Liens
Chapter 12 Bonds- Bid Performance Payment
Chapter 13 Construction Insurance
Chapter 14 Building Regulations, Zoning, and Licensing
Chapter 15 Mediation
Chapter 16 Environmental Concerns in Construction
Chapter 17 Labor and Employement Law
Chapter 18 Bankruptcy and Construction
Chapter 19 Arbitration
 Table of Cases
 Table of Statutes