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Kansas Bankruptcy Handbook Third Edition

Publication Year: 2009   Publication Type: Book

Rachel E. Avey, Martin W. Bauer, Robert D. Berger, Kathryn B. Bussing, Brian D. Caldwell, Jeffrey A. Deines, Douglas D. Depew, Daniel J. Forker, Jr., W. Thomas Gilman, W. Rick Griffin, W.H. "Bill" Griffin, Jan Hamilton, Aaron K. Johns Tun, Janice Miller Karlin, Thomas J. Lasater, Todd A. Luckman, Michelle M. Masoner, J. Michael Morris, Edward J. Nazar, Robert E. Nugent, Jill D. Olsen, Joyce Owen, Linda S. Parks, Eric C. Rajala, Wesley F. Smith, Dale L. Somers, Monica L. Sparks, Steven L. Speth, Louis J. Wade, Laurie B. Williams, Darcy D. Williamson, William H. Zimmerman, Jr.

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Chapter 1 Bankruptcy Overview
Chapter 2 Preparation of Petition, Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs, and Other Documents
Chapter 3 Exemptions and Prebankruptcy Estate Planning
Chapter 4 Representing Creditors in Chapter 7 Proceedings
Chapter 5 The Role of The Trustee in Chapter 7 Cases
Chapter 6 Representing the Debtor in Chapter 11- An Overview
Chapter 7 Creditor Representation in Chapter 11 Cases
Chapter 8 Overview of Chapter 12
Chapter 9 Adjustment of Debts of an Individual with Regular Income
Chapter 10 Representing Creditors in Chapter 13 Proceedings
Chapter 11 The United States Trustee
Chapter 12 Appeals From the Bankruptcy Court
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Divorce
Chapter 14 Individual Bankruptcy and Income Taxes
Chapter 15 Electronic Case Filing Rules and Procedures
 Table Cases
 Table Statutes
 Table Rules and Regulations
 Table Other Authorities