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Kansas Basic Will & Trust Drafting

Publication Year: 2017   Publication Type: Book

Charles J. Andres, Eric N. Anderson, Shannon K. Barks, Ashley E. Felton, Hugh W. Gill, Emily Grant, Linda Kroll Gutierrez, Calvin J. Karlin, Kent A. Meyerhoff, Michael R. Ong, Dan C. Peare, Samara Nazir Zaman

Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Wills - Capacity and Contents
Chapter 3 Wills - Execution Requirements
Chapter 4 Wills - Revocation and Construction- Contractual Wills
Chapter 5 Will Substitutes and Planning for Incapacity
Chapter 6 Revocable Trusts- Creation and Characteristics
Chapter 7 Revocable Trusts- Administration Upon Settlor's Death
Chapter 8 Revocable Trusts- Uniform Principal and Income Act (1997)
Chapter 9 Fiduciaries
Chapter 10 Planning for Incapacity