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Kansas Corporation Law & Practice

Publication Year: 2011   Publication Type: Book

W. Robert Alderson, Jr., Mark A. Burghart, Charles T. Engel, Thomas P. Garretson, John R. Gerdes, Richard F. Hayse, Edwin W. Hecker, Jr., Christopher M. Hurst, Charles D. Lee, Alson R. Martin, Kent A. Meyerhoff, Timothy M. O’brien, Kevin D. Wait, William R. Wood Ii, Stanley N. Woodworth

Table of Contents:

 Preface and Acknowledgement
 About the Authors
Chapter 1 Decision to Incorporate
Chapter 2 Formation of the For- Profit Corporation
Chapter 3 Professional Corporations
Chapter 4 Operating Problems
Chapter 5 Methods to Control a Corporation
Chapter 6 Foreign Corporations Doing Business in Kansas
Chapter 7 Rights, Obligations, and Liabilities
Chapter 8 Reorganization, Acquisition, or Sale of a Business
Chapter 9 Dissolution and Liquidation of Corporations
Chapter 10 Securities Regulation
Chapter 11 Close Corporations
Chapter 12 Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 13 Limited Liability Companies