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Kansas Criminal Law Fifth Edition

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Tom Bath, Branden Bell, Elizabeth Cateforis, Ian M. Clark, James M. Concannon, Peter Conley, Daniel Dale Creitz, Antonio R. Cruz Iii, Kenneth Duvall, James L. Eisenbrandt, Carl Folsom, Iii, John C. Fritz, C. Ryan Gering, Randall L. Hodgkinson, Kay Huff, Leslie F. Hulnick, Donald W. Hymer, Jr., Kurt P. Kerns, Nicole Lawson, Jacob Lazzo, John Matthew Leavitt, David Lowden, Mark Manna, Daniel E. Monnat, Paige A. Nichols, D. Christopher Oakley, Steven L. Op at, Jennifer Roth, Kevin B. Salzman, John M. Settle, John Stang, Todd R. Stramel, Angela Wilson, Colin D. Wood

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction & Venue
Chapter 3 Arrest & Extradition
Chapter 4 Search & Seizure
Chapter 5 Diversion
Chapter 6 Appearance Before Magistrate
Chapter 7 Preliminary Hearings
Chapter 8 Commencement of Prosecution in District Court
Chapter 9 Proceedings Before Trial
Chapter 10 Defenses To Crimes in Kansas
Chapter 11 Rights of Defendant Under the Fifth & Sixth Amendments
Chapter 12 Trials & Incidents thereto
Chapter 13 Competency & the Mental State Defense
Chapter 14 Sentencing, Probation & Expungement
Chapter 15 Appeals & Postconviction Remedies
Chapter 16 Forms & Practice Notes
Chapter 17 Evidence- Preliminary Provisions
Chapter 18 Witnesses
Chapter 19 Relevance & Extrinsic Policies Affecting Admissibility
Chapter 20 Hearsay
Chapter 21 Opinion Testimony
Chapter 22 Judicial Notice
Chapter 23 Privileges
Chapter 24 Exhibits
Chapter 25 Making the Record in Appellate Court
Chapter 26 The Law of DUI
Chapter 27 Prosecution Under the Juvenile Justice Code
Chapter 28 Strategy in Defense of Criminal Cases
Chapter 29 Prosecution of Criminal Cases
Chapter 30 Computer Evidence & Electronically Stored Information
Chapter 31 Role of the Prosecutor in Capital Litigation
Chapter 32 An Overview of Defending a Capital Case