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Kansas Employment Law Third Edition

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Aida M. Alaka, Donald D. Berner, Elizabeth A. Duff, Madison Fischer, Jeremy L. Graber, India Keefover, Patricia A. Konopka, Jason P. Lacey, Joseph Mastrosimone, Sean M. Mcgivern, Casey Murray, Mary C. O'connell, Jason Oldham, Robert (Bob) Overman, Donald N. Peterson Ii, Denise M. Portnoy, James P. Rankin, Forrest T. Rhodes, Jr., Bridget B. Romero, Alan L. Rupe, Kimberley F. Seten, Robert Sheffield, Diane H. Sorensen, Frederick K. Starrett

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Chapter 1 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Chapter 2 Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Chapter 3 Discrimination on the Basis of Disability
Chapter 4 Civil Rights Act of 1866 42 U.S.C. - 1981
Chapter 5 Civil Rights Act of 1871
Chapter 6 The Equal Pay Act of 1963
Chapter 7 Kansas Statutory Fair Employment Laws
Chapter 8 Wage- Hour Regulation
Chapter 9 Family & Medical Leave Act
Chapter 10 Litigation Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act
Chapter 11 Immigration Reform & Control Act
Chapter 12 Occupational Safety & Health Act
Chapter 13 The Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Act
Chapter 14 National Labor Relations Act
Chapter 15 Union's Duty of Fair Representation
Chapter 16 Common Law Restrictions On the Right to Discharge
Chapter 17 Testing & Searches in the Private Sector
Chapter 18 Agreements
Chapter 19 Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment
Chapter 20 Kansas Unemployment Law- A Statutory, Administrative & Case Law Review
 Index General
 Index Statutes
 Index Rules & Regulations
 Index Cases