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Kansas Ethics Handbook Third Edition

Publication Year: 2015   Publication Type: Book

J. Nick Badgerow, Kevin J. Breer, Brian S. Burris, Hon. Terry L. Bullock, Charles R. Curran, Charles R. "Dick" Hay, Stanton A. Hazlett, Mark D. Hinderks, Michael Hoeflich, Mark Iba, Jeffery A. Jordan, Larry W. Jo Ye, Jack Scott Mcinteer, Arthur E. Palmer, Christopher F. Pickering, Sheila M. Reynolds, Ronald D. Smith, Christopher L. Steadham

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Chapter 1 The General Practice of Law
Chapter 2 The Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter 3 Counseling Clients and Non-Adversarial Roles
Chapter 4 Confidentiality and Privilege
Chapter 5 Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 6 Lawyer Trust Accounts and Client Property
Chapter 7 Ethical Concerns Regarding Fees and Billing
Chapter 8 The Lawyer as Advocate
Chapter 9 Transactions with Persons Other than Clients
Chapter 10 Ethical Considerations Regarding Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation
Chapter 11 The Attorney Disciplinary System
Chapter 12 Function of the Board for Discipline of Attorneys
Chapter 13 Withdrawal and Firm Dissolution
Chapter 14 The Lawyer or Client Contract
 Index of Cases
 Index Statutes
 Index Rules and Regulations
 Index Selected Topics