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Kansas Legal Research and Reference Guide Third Edition

Publication Year: 2003   Publication Type: Book

Joseph A. Custer, Barbara J. Ginzburg, Robert A. Mead

Table of Contents:

 About and Editor
Chapter 1 Constitutions and Other Organic Law
Chapter 2 Statutes
Chapter 3 Researching Legislative Intent
Chapter 4 Kansas Courts
Chapter 5 Court Reports
Chapter 6 Court Rules
Chapter 7 Administrative Regulations, Attorney General Opinions, Judicial Council
Chapter 8 Selected Kansas Primary and Secondary Sources
Chapter 9 Legal Citation
Chapter 10 Kansas Legal Ethics
Chapter 11 Kansas Institutions, Associations and Organizations
Chapter 12 City and County Sources
Chapter 13 Electronic Services and Kansas Law
Chapter 14 Access Kansas
Chapter 15 Forms
Chapter 16 Specialized Research
Chapter 17 Citation Practices of the Kansas Supreme Court and Kansas Court of Appeals
Chapter 18 Researching Kansas Legal History