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Kansas Real Estate Practice & Procedure Fifth Edition

Publication Year: 2009   Publication Type: Book

Mark A. Andersen, Gary A. Anderson, Mert F. Buckley, Kevin R. Corlew, William J. Denton, David R. Erickson, Kenneth G. Gale Matthew S. Gough, John R. Hamilton, Bill J. Hays, Lewis A. Heaven, Jr., Richard H. Hertel, Matthew H. Hoy, Patrick B. Hughes, Roger D. Hughey, Brian M. Jacques, Vernon L. Jarboe, Allen Jones, Jacob F. May, Jr., Andrew Nolan, Terence E. Leibold, John G. Pike, Gina M. Riekhof, Neil R. Shortlidge, Harvey R. Sorensen, Sabrina K. Standifer, Patricia Voth Blankenship, Matthew Walsh, David E. Waters

Table of Contents:

 About the Authors
Chapter 1 Land Use Controls and Zoning
Chapter 2 Title Examinations
Chapter 3 Forms of Real Estate Ownership in Kansas
Chapter 4 The Condominium and the Townhouse
Chapter 5 Residential Landlord and Tenant Law in Kansas
Chapter 6 Mortgages and Conventional Real Estate Lending
Chapter 7 Contracts for Sale of Real Estate and Closing
Chapter 8 Tax Considerations
Chapter 9 Mechanic's Lien Laws
Chapter 10 Deeds
Chapter 11 Commercial Real Estate Leases in Kansas
Chapter 12 Title Insurance
Chapter 13 Environmental Considerations
Chapter 14 Real Estate Broker Liability
Chapter 15 Covenants and Restrictions
Chapter 16 Eminent Domain
Chapter 17 Likekind Exchanges
Chapter 18 Public Incentives
Chapter 19 Electronic Recording
 Index of Cases
 Index Kansas Statutes
 Index Rules and Regulation
 Index Other Cited Authorities