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Kansas Title Standards Handbooks Seventh Edition

Publication Year: Seventh Edition   Publication Type: Book

Table of Contents:

 Chapter 1 The Abstract
 Chapter 2 Affidavits
 Chapter 3 The Examining Attorney
 Chapter 4 Conveyances From Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
 Chapter 5 Deeds- Execution Acknowledgement and Recording
 Chapter 6 Deeds from Fiduciaries and Minors
 Chapter 7 Deeds- County Clerk Tax Deeds or Judicial Tax Foreclosure
 Chapter 8 Divorces and Domestic Judgments
 Chapter 9 Guardianship or Conservatorship
 Chapter 10 Identity and Variances in Names
 Chapter 11 State Inheritance and Federal Estate Taxes
 Chapter 12 Joint Tenancy
 Chapter 13 Judgments and Mechanics Liens
 Chapter 14 Marital Status
 Chapter 15 Mortgages
 Chapter 16 Oil and Gas Leases and Other Encumbrances
 Chapter 17 Partition
 Chapter 18 Probate Proceedings
 Chapter 19 Probate Proceedings (Cont.) Determination of Descent
 Chapter 20 Rights of Way, Abandonment and Vacation
 Chapter 21 Sale, Mortgage, and Lease of Real Estate by Fiduciaries
 Chapter 22 Miscellaneous