Casemaker Libra

Solo and Small Firm Guide Book Second Edition

Publication Year: 2013   Publication Type: Book

Kelly Lynn Anders, Thomas A. Adrian, Susan Bearson, John R. Dietrick, Ruth E.Gram, Danielle M. Hall, Vern Jarboe, Terry L. Mann, Anne Mcdonald, Nancy Ogle, Marty Marsh Snyder, Tai J. Vokins, Calvin K. Williams, Angel Zimmerman

Table of Contents:

 Preface and Acknowledgement
 About the Authors
 Chapter 1 Do I Want to Go Solo
 Chapter 2 Choosing a Business Entity
 Chapter 3 Where Should I Set Up Shop
 Chapter 4 Preparing to Finance A Law Practice
 Chapter 5 Setting Up My Books
 Chapter 6 Information Technology For Solo and Small Firms
 Chapter 7 A Guide to Purchasing Lawyer's Professional Liability Insurance
 Chapter 8 Practical Recruiting
 Chapter 9 Employment Issues For Small Firms and Solo Practitioners
 Chapter 10 Office Policies
 Chapter 11 How Do I Get and Keep Clients
 Chapter 12 Organizing Your Law Practice
 Chapter 13 Collecting Your Fee
 Chapter 14 How to Prepare For Vacations, Extended Absences and Unexpected Absences
 Chapter 15 Do the Right Thing
 Chapter 16 Primer On Prevention, Intervention and Recovery
 Chapter 17 Where Can I Find Help