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Practitioner's Guide to Kansas Family Law Handbook 2016 Supplement

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book


This is the second supplement to the Practitioner’s Guide to Kansas Family Law
Handbook, published in 2010. This supplement replaces the 2013 supplement.

Martin W. Bauer, Shannon K. Barks, the Honorable Robert D. Berger, Stephen J. Blaylock, David J. Brown, Brian D. Caldwell, Cindy L. Cleous, Martha Crow, Robert Fairchild, Ryan D. Farley, Joyce K. Grover, Joseph Growney, Charles F. Harris, Elizabeth Hill, Donald W. Hymer, Jr., Shannon L. Kelman, Donald E. Lambdin, Jeffrey N. Lowe, Scott M. Mann, Katie Mcclaflin, Jody Meyer, Megan S. Monsour, Stacie L. Needham, Ronald W. Nelson, Dan C. Peare, Lynette F. Petty, Jeffrey J. Quirin, Sheila M. Reynolds, Nancy Schmidt Roush, J. Bradley Short, the Honorable Dale L. Somers, William H. Zimmerman, Jr.

Table of Contents:

 About The Authors
Chapter 1 2016 Supplement Selecting and Serving Clients
Chapter 2 2016 Supplement Divorce, Separate Maintenance, and Annulment
Chapter 3 2016 Revision Temporary Orders
Chapter 4 2016 Supplement Property Division and Maintenance
Chapter 5 2016 Revision Child Support
Chapter 6 2016 Supplement Child Custody, Parenting Time, and Third-Party Visitation
Chapter 7 2016 Revision Military Family Law
Chapter 8 2016 Supplement Settlement Agreements
Chapter 9 2016 Supplement Tax Treatment and Issues
Chapter 10 2016 Supplement Bankruptcy and Divorce
Chapter 11 2016 Supplement Estate Planning Considerations
Chapter 12 2016 Supplement Discovery
Chapter 13 2016 Supplement Premarital Agreements
Chapter 14 2016 Supplement Marriage and Cohabitation
Chapter 15 2016 Supplement Domestic Violence
Chapter 16 2016 Supplement Child in Need of Care and Juvenile Proceedings
Chapter 17 2016 Supplement Paternity
Chapter 18 2016 Revision Adoptions Under Kansas Law
Chapter 19 2016 Supplement Name Change
Chapter 20 2016 Supplement Mediation